Speeding / Traffic Ticket Attorney in North Carolina

Were you pulled over and issued a ticket for a traffic violation in North Carolina?       You may  think your only option is to pay the fine and accept the consequences that come  with  it, but an  experienced North Carolina traffic ticket lawyer like Marcus Hill can  help  minimize  the impact  that a ticket has on your life.  Our goal is to seek an outcome that would  minimize  any impact  to your driver's license and your  auto insurance  premiums.       Here at Marcus Hill's Law Firm we work in every county in North Carolina and have  handled  every kind of traffic ticket in our 35 years  of traffic experience: Speeding. Speeding in a work or school zone. Improper lane movement. Careless and reckless driving. Driving while impaired- DUI/ DWI. Habitual DWI's. Driving while license revoked. Driving while license suspended. Driving without a license. Running a red light or stop sign. Passing a stopped School bus. Improper equipment. (Just to name a few)       With a skille